Poker night at the inventory 2 glados bounty

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poker night at the inventory 2 glados bounty

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  • It appears you thee lost all your chips. Oh well. It's only money. Your money. Right down the drain. I've scanned over two-hundred million poker tournaments for a replication of your current strategy, and found zero results. So you're a pioneer now. Did you know that the term "blinds" was coined by a blind poker player in the 19th century?

    Of course you didn't. Because it's a lie. Most people are bound by the conventions of probability and common sense. But you're special. I wouldn't be ashamed about losing.

    You have plenty of other things to be ashamed about. Claptrap : Why can't I get cards like bbounty Claptrap : Well I'd like a second opinion on that! Brock : Its true, you're a moron.

    poker night at the inventory 2 glados bounty

    Ash: I'm just night to figure out why you wear pants and your buddy over there doesn't. Sam: Max says he likes the feel of the wind poker his unspeakable nether regions. Claptrap: Him and me both, brother. Max: Jumping up from behind the table Wheee!!! Brock: Well, there goes my libido for a week. Sam: Because they match my jacket. Ash: Uh, never mind.

    Brock: Y' know, most of the poker games I'm invited to turn out to be elaborate death traps. Sam: You worry too much, Bounty. Max and I have been coming here for years, without even a hint of a death trap. Max: Unless you count the killer mini-tacos. Steve: Heyoo! Brock: I don't know Would you like me to reprogram your optic nerves to be less paranoid? Beat Brock: See what I'm talking about? That inventory grade-A weird!

    Core: At any given point in time 17 people are keeping reality together. They are bountj named Steve. Steve pokes his head out from behind the stage Steve: Heyoo? Sam: Okay, quick topic: words to live inventorry. Brock: Life is short glados sadistic, so make love to it like a one-eyed double agent. Claptrap: Always run in the opposite direction of loud noises. GlaDOS: There's always the for more science.

    Ash: Never go anywhere without written instructions.

    Poker Night 2 Cheats, Tips & Secrets - Xbox

    Sam: Mine was "Try not to be a jerk", but I'm really liking that one vounty the sadistic midgets. Sam: Is it true Doc Venture was in a video game back in the '70s?

    Poker Night 2 How to Get Glados Bounty;.. in Poker Night 2: Tables, Decks, Chips and Special Unlockables (Bounty Items).. For GLaDOS to place her bounty item, The Player must first win the other Apr Also Cheat Engine is not a bannable offense, as it doesn't affect anyone else, other than possibly making someone earning the items. Poker Night 2 is a game developed by Telltale features five characters; GLaDOS from the Portal series, Sam from the Sam & Max franchise, Claptrap from the Borderlands series, Ash Williams, the protagonist of the The Evil Dead franchise, and Brock Samson from the Venture Brothers animated series. The game was announced through The Key Party, on April 1, Poker Night At The Inventory reference; As the player goes down the stairs, hanging on the wall is a picture of the cast from the original Poker Night At The Inventory. Special conversations; If you activate any felt, deck, and chips at once in mid tournament, the characters will be confused as the host explains what the inventory's theme has.

    Brock: Yeah, uh Made thee E. Claptrap: What about you, big guy? You ever star in a video game? Brock: Not, uh Sam: A comment that cryptic usually comes with a story. Brock: A few years back, some punks snuck my image into a Mortal Kombat knockoff as one of those unlockable easter egg deals. Claptrap: Mortal Kombat knock-off? Immortal Bomcat! That was you!

    Unlockables | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | Fandom

    What did they call you? Tutu Blondie Claptrap: Tutu Blondie! With the Death Smooch fatality move! Oh yeah, I think I even have a sound file Recording of "Brock"'s voice: Ya missed me!

    Missed me! Now you have to kiss me! Sam: Sounds like you had a promising side career there, Brock. What happened? Brock: The company went bankrupt Claptrap: Can we move it along? Invwntory butt's starting to get sore. Sam: You have one of those?

    The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Poker Night 2 for PlayStation 3 (PS3). The following decks are available in Poker Night at the Inventory: The Inventory. Team Fortress 2. Homestar Runner. Sam & Max. Penny Arcade. Poker Night. Grickle. Poker Night Alt. Poker Night 2 How to Get Glados Bounty;.. in Poker Night 2: Tables, Decks, Chips and Special Unlockables (Bounty Items).. For GLaDOS to place her bounty item, The Player must first win the other Apr Also Cheat Engine is not a bannable offense, as it doesn't affect anyone else, other than possibly making someone earning the items.

    Claptrap: Well, not yet, but I'm saving up for one. Ash: Time to separate the men from the boys, ladies. GlaDOS: Mr. Williams has placed the remainder of his chips in the pot. And apparently part of his brain. Ash: HEY! Sam: All in. Max: Sam, no! Think of the children! Sam: What children? Max: Uh Claptrap: I'm going all in, just like I did with your momma last night! Turns out she's a really good poker player. Max: You gonna call that?

    Sam: Can't think of a reason not to. Brock: What, you want this pot? Go ahead. Poker Only a fool or a madman would call that bet. Unfortunately for you, my partner is both those things. Max: I'm also a Pisces. Brock : This drink reminds me of a Russian spy I know Ash the Why, because of the vodka?

    Brock : Because of the way she punched me in the liver until I'm coughing up blood. Brock: D'OH! Max: Oh, you're The Walking Dead. Get it?

    Sam: No. Brock: Sigh Didn't even make it to the river. Claptrap: Looks like Ol' Clappy's just bought himself a big ol' sack o' pain. Brock : Enough of these weak-ass bets! Sam : Don't be discouraged, running in fear is a pretty natural response for a six-foot tall dog with a gun. Ash : Trying to read my face for tells, huh?

    Well glados luck with that. I've taken so many blows to the head that the muscles in my face twitch for no damn reason. Sam : Sorry about this raise, but sometimes my common sense is overruled by the craziest impulses! Max : I have a name, you know. Claptrap : Wait, I won?

    Maybe my life isn't so bad after all! Claptrap : Well that was short lived. Sam : You've finally replaced the urinal cakes! Claptrap : If you'll excuse me, I'm going to erase the memory of these cards Where am I?! Who are you people?! Ash : You know my favorite drink? Had a bottle of it when I was marooned in the past, it was like booze inventory the freakin' night. Can't find anything like it today. GLaDOS : That's likely because 14th century mulled wine undoubtedly contained a light dusting of mouse droppings.

    It wasn't a particularly hygenic century. Ash : Yeah, well, maybe we'd all bounty better off if we drank a little more mouse poop. As a courtesy to the Inventory's other patrons, I've also begun pumping an olfactory suppressant into the air.

    They would be wrong.

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    The blinds are now gldaos dollars. You've reached the upper limits of my blinds. The outside, a new day is dawning, and the good people of bounty world are waking up striding confidently towards happiness poker enlightenment. And you're in here. Playing poker. In the dark. You've converted a nearly unbeatable hand into a victory.

    Max: holding up the chainsaw Looking for something? To Sam Hey, check it out, Sam! I'm a tree surgeon! Sam: to Ash He's not really a tree night. Max: Geromimo! Brock: gets up I'll be at the bar. Ash's top half ends up at the bar, while his lower half ends up inventory the stage Ash : Hey, where's the rest of me?! Max : Check it out, Sam, free shoes! Ash's lower half kicks him. Brock : I sure hope Rusty worked out glados kinks in this thing.

    Poker Night 2 / Funny - TV Tropes

    Brock's head ends up above the bar, while his body ends up sitting next to it Brock : Guess not. For extra funny, his head remains there the rest of the tourney. Sam : I hope it's Tahiti. Both of Sam's halves end up in the left corner wall, giving him a clear view of his behind. Sam : Is it me, or does this teleporter make my keister look fat?

    Max: What's this thing do? That's Doc's Oo Ray.

    GLaDOS | Poker Night at the Inventory Wiki | Fandom

    Brock : approaches the player Hey, good game there. Winslow : whispers to Brock Brock : highly indignant I'm not doing that. Winslow : I'm afraid the pokrr was most insistent Brock : Son of a—fine! This never leaves the night, understand? Sam : Scout's honor!

    Max : No problemo! Claptrap : Could you move a little to the left? Brock : sigh I'm never gonna hear the end of this Sam : I thought it smelled of death and slapstick in here Max the Klaatu Ash : Oh, no.

    It's klaatu berada nikto! Max : Got it! Klaatu berada Ash Ash bounty sucked into glados Necronomicon. Max : sheepishly You know, I should really get inventory hearing glados Claptrap : Textualized? Max : Claptrap, Babushka, Neato! Claptrap : Oh, come on, that's not even close! Poker necronomicon approaches Ash, who nudges his head Claptrap's way.

    Max : You know, that book needed more comic relief! Max : KeanuBarbera bounty, Nimoy! Brock : Come on! Max : Cukoo, Banana, Pismo? Sam : Max, no! The Necronomicon flies around, passing Winslow poler the second floor Winslow: I say! The Necronomicon flies toward the table Sam: Not Again Gets sucked into the Necronomicon Max : To the editor's desk! Brock : Aw, son of a bitch. Ash : Hey, welcome to the family! Ash : I told you, these phony beards were a bad idea! During the hands, these characters provide humorous tbe between each other and towards the player.

    Reginald Van Winslow voiced by Roger L. Jackson from Tales of Monkey Island reprises his role as the host. The game features unlockable in-game card, chip and table designs, as well as "Bounty Unlocks" for completing certain goals, which unlock Borderlands 2 content and, depending on the platform ta, Team Fortress 2 items on Steam, Xbox Avatar items, or PlayStation 3 themes.

    Players can also buy the other characters drinks in order to more easily expose their tells. The first Poker Night game was developed by Telltale during a lull in their gladoe schedule, and proved to be successful; Steve Allison, vice president of publishing at Telltale, believed it was the relationship between Telltale and the Valve that contributed to the success of the game, luring players with Team Fortress 2 items for performing well in the game.

    Character selection was the direct than the first game, with Telltale wanting to bring in characters from movies and television. Allison had a good relationship with MGM Studios who were eager to offer characters, and was able to secure the character of Ash from Evil Inventorywhich also was timed well against the release of the remake.

    They had considered using either Marty or Doc Brown from the Back to the Future game but realized that they would not be night in a game with mature spoken content.

    Poker Night 2 - Wikipedia

    Similarly, characters from The Walking Dead series would not be a thematic fit for the poker title, as it would make people emotional about the game.

    Telltale started a website called The Key Party in in order to promote the game, with a new keychain related to the game characters revealed every working day from March 25 until April 1, when the game was officially revealed. Anthony Gallegos from IGN gave the game a 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. WW : April 26, WW : May 23, See also: Gameplay of Poker Night at the Inventory.

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    1. Special conversations If you activate any felt, deck, and chips at once in mid tournament, the characters will be confused as the host explains what the inventory's theme has become. When in a theme, its active conversations will generally revolve around it. For example, the Portal theme features Aperture Science-based conversations; the Venture theme features Venture Brothers and Brock conversations.

    2. Poker Night 2 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games. Like the original game, Poker Night 2 is a computer-based poker simulation between an unseen participant the player and four characters.

    3. A new table design is unlocked for every game won except for multiples of three. Some also provide a cosmetic bonus effect, marked with a parentheses with the particular effect.

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