Glen island casino new rochelle new york

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glen island casino new rochelle new york

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Starin's Glen Island - Wikipedia

Jacques, one of those tasty fruit and ice cream combinations that finishes off a dinner of regal style. While eating over you will either get up and dance or sit and listen to the music of Shorty Sherlock and his orchestra. The only bad thing about visiting the Glen Island Casino is going home. Family dinners, served from 7 to 9 p.

Cocktails from 45 cents. Tips on Tables - Robert W.

 · Starin's Glen Island was a summer resort in the community of New Rochelle in Westchester County, New York, developed by shipping magnate and U.S. Congressman John H. Starin in the late s. Starin's resort, referred to as "America's pleasure grounds" and "Disneyworld on the Sound", was the first theme park in the's_Glen_Island.  · Glen Island Park is a acre ( km 2) park, located on Glen Island, on the Long Island Sound, New York. The park is owned and operated by Westchester County and shares the island with a privately operated but county-owned entertainment facility, the Glen Island Harbour Club (formerly the Glen Island Casino)  · This acre island property is connected to New Rochelle by a drawbridge built in the s. After Playland, Glen Island is the second most widely used park in the County Parks system. One of Westchester’s unique jewels, it was initially developed as a summer resort by John H.

Many Choices Given. Dancing After Dinner.

Glen Island Park - Wikipedia

The manager pays the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation czsino Conservation for the privilege of operating the casino. Badolato said. That's a far cry from the days recalled by Tommy Reynolds, the former band leader who is now director of broadcast standards for RKO Broadcasting. Reynolds, who appeared at the casino in and We all loved the music and the atmosphere. I have fantastic memories of those days. An appearance hew the Glen Island Casino was a prelude to stardom for many of the musicians.

Glen Island Casino, Famous Vintage New York Nightclubs & Restaurants

island Paramount Rochelle in New York and that was a springboard to engagements all over the country. The casino's main dining room, hall 60 by feet on the second floor, looks much the way it did in the early 's when Ozzie Nelson was courting his vocalist, Harriet Hilliard, and Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey engaged in a fist fight glen full view casino the audience. It resulted in york termination of new partnership. But we looked it over and decided that it didn't have new atmosphere that we remembered.

glen island casino new rochelle new york

You might say that our tastes have changed considerably in 30 years. Like the casino, Glen Island itself has had its days of grandeur.

glen island casino new rochelle new york

It passed through the hands of eight owners before being purchased in by John H.

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  1. But that was 40 years ago and since then the casino has undergone changes. It is available for social events any day or evening throughout the year at rates scheduled by Mr.

  2. One of the most enchanting dining-and-dancing rendezvous in this part of the country is the Glen Island Casino, overlooking Long Island Sound at New Rochelle. For many years the handsome two-story structure, perched majestically among the stately trees that dress the small island, has issued its yearly call to romance, and the youngsters and oldsters have responded with almost equal enthusiasm. By all means try to snare a table on one of the small balconies that jut beyond the French doors off the second-story dining room.

  3. Congressman John H. Starin in the late s. Starin's resort, referred to as "America's pleasure grounds" [1] and "Disneyworld on the Sound", [2] was the first theme park in the country.

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