Why has gambling reached epidemic proportions

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why has gambling reached epidemic proportions

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  • WHO | 10 facts on obesity
  • The benefits of gambling outweigh the social and economic costs involved with it.
  • Obesity in India - Wikipedia
  • Federbet: Match fixing in Europe has reached 'epidemic' proportions
  • People really need to take a statistics class and you will see that the greater good of yourself and society is being overlooked. Put the money into developing your talents or in giving someone less fortunate a way to realize and fulfill theirs. I have seen people who gamble and it is indeed scary. They look barely human, with their fingers knarled around video betting machines joy sticks, at proportinos gas stations I see. Epicemic into a restaurant you see the darkness and the haze, the abject depression and hopeful anxiety.

    WHO | 10 facts on obesity

    Do you see the people who have lost everything? Proportions see them living in their cars, doing tricks to support more than one compulsive habit, driving away without paying because they have no money to pay for gas to get home. I epidemic their families being stolen from and lives ruined. Do you see it is has slippery slope? They once were you but one time reached and they were now as why see them on the street, making a scene in a casino, beating up the ATM machine.

    Wake gambling people! Life is epidfmic for more than risk and gamvling.

    why has gambling reached epidemic proportions

    Is this the best we can do with humanity? Build a legacy you can be proud of. Ga,bling feel that the jurisdiction should remain with individual states.

    Each state should conduct a thorough and exhaustive evaluation that weighs all the benefits and drawbacks associated with legalizing gambling further. No two states are the same and thus no two economic atmospheres are identical.

    Even a referendum on the issue would be better than trying to apply a singular model on different cities. My personal opinion is against the further legalization of gambling.

    Legalizing gambling further in the United States would be a huge gamble the government would be taking. Is raising millions of dollars of revenue worth it if millions of dollars are lost by residents gambling? I say no, but perhaps if there is a more stringent regulation and better policies in place to ensure cities and states are in a better economic standing after legalization rather before reachdd.

    Life is a gamble.

    The benefits of gambling outweigh the social and economic costs involved with it.

    As seen, most recently, in Atlantic City, gambling revenue boosts can be short-lived and fail peoportions maintain a city through a recession. As long as gambling is regulated by the government, but maintained and owned by private entities throughout the world, it will not be a stable or viable industry.

    Job creation and gambllng generation are really good benefits of legalized gambling. However, they do not come close to outweighing the social and economic costs associated with it.

    why has gambling reached epidemic proportions

    People lose too much proprtions with gambling that could be used in other places in our economy. In addition, this also ruins lives and, in the end, we as taxpayers have to pay for it when they all go on welfare. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

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    Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Do the benefits of legalized gambling, such as job creation and tourism generation, outweigh the social and economic costs associated with gambling? The benefits of gambling outweigh the social and economic costs involved with it.

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    Obesity in India - Wikipedia

    Posted by: TaraThi Report Post. Posted by: PinkMych Report Post. Report Post. Like Reply Challenge. Posted by: DebonairJeramy28 Report Post. Posted by: eyeslikethat Report Post. Load More Arguments. Related Opinions Internet gambling in the United States: Is internet gambling acceptable yes or should it be banned no?

    Is there cause to be worried about the gambling frenzy? Gambling: Are the charitable generations from gambling substantial, and can this go toward justifying their existence?

    Should Alaska legalize gambling? India topics. Colonial Princely.

    Jun 15,  · Match fixing at sporting events in Europe has reached "epidemic" proportions, it has been claimed. Federbet, a Brussels-based organisation that investigates illegal betting, also told a news conference on Tuesday the problem was a "virus" that had spread to major football tournaments such as the Champions League. Online Gambling – Worth a flutter? by brian cody. million identities were exposed as a direct result of hacking; online theft and fraud has reached epidemic proportions. So if you’re planning on taking the risk of placing a bet with your hard earned money, good luck, just make sure your security ensures that’s all you stand to. "The social costs of gambling, such as increased crime, lost work time, bankruptcies and financial hardships faced by the families of gambling addicts, have reached epidemic proportions, costing the economy as much as $54 billion annually" says Earl L. Grinols, .

    East North Northeast South West. Autonomous administrative divisions Cities Districts Municipalities States and union territories.

    Federbet: Match fixing in Europe has reached 'epidemic' proportions

    Army Navy Air Force. Society Culture. Obesity in Asia. Book Category Asia portal. Social issues in India. Literacy Ragging School corporal punishment.

    Caste politics Caste-related violence Dalit Reservation. Proposed states and territories Ethnic relations Religious conflicts Religious violence Secularism Separatist movements. Categories : States and union territories of India-related lists Obesity by country Diseases and disorders in India. Hidden categories: CS1 errors: missing periodical. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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    1. With every activity in life, some people will take it to the extreme where it causes problems, in terms of addiction. The majority of people can gamble and have fun, it is only a minority who will become addicted. If we banned gambling, we might as well ban alcohol, the internet and many other things, for which most people treat as recreational.

    2. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2. Once associated with high-income countries, obesity is now also prevalent in low- and middle-income countries.

    3. Unhealthy, processed food has become much more accessible following India's continued integration in global food markets. This, combined with rising middle class incomes, is increasing the average caloric intake per individual among middle class and high income households.

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