How to unlock pocket slot maplestory

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how to unlock pocket slot maplestory

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When i talk to the NPC he only says i need a royal hair coupon to talk to him and i have no other option it seems.

Cant unluck my pocket slot - MapleStory

Thanks in advance. Comments Aggraphine.

how to unlock pocket slot maplestory

May edited May It's in the star notifier, the one you find events in. Are you a beginner? June edited June The quest name is "Excessively Charming" by the way.

how to unlock pocket slot maplestory

I should've mentioned that before. Maybe they moved it into the regular lightbulb menu?

BasilMarket How do you unlock pocket slot? thread

It's been ages since I unlocked a pocket slot last, though I do seem to recall the last time I did it was still in the star menu. Your charm is level 30, right? Your support is greatly appreciated.

Dec 30,  · You know when you kill Zakum it drops the Zakum Helmets? Pick those up and equip them because they give 50 charm exp when you equip them. After you wear them, switch back to . LMAO getting charm is not the end to get the pocket slot get to lv30 charm (fame, NX equips, hair change, color change, do PQ) once u reached lv30 in charm, a quest will come to u automatically (either light bulb on head, or check ur left hand side on screen). Jan 07,  · unlock pocket slot maplestory With the introduction of online casinos, the new era of gambling brought unprecedented opportunities both for software developers and the observed probabilities close to the theoretical probabilities? Usually, there are unlock pocket slot maplestory two bets/10().

How do you get the pocket slot? Posted: February Permalink.

BasilMarket How do you get the pocket slot? thread

Twitter Facebook Replies: 10 Add a thread. People faming you, or wearing an equip that'll give you charm.

Cash Shop items give charm and certain equips like some weapons give you charm. You could also use "perfume" which is a slit drop most commonly found in Monster Park. Ms laptop cover.

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  2. Sad Mask Would you be so kind as to disable your ad-blocker on BasilMarket please? Your support is greatly appreciated. How do you get the pocket slot?

  3. I just complited Lion King quest but haven't got them. So the only way is to harvest them fml gg.

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