Norwegian cruise line casino comps

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norwegian cruise line casino comps

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  • The major exception to the big ship rule cruise Disney Cruise Line, which does not have a casino on any of its four norwegian ships.

    Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America also does not have a casino. Most expedition ships norqegian river boats do not have casinos. All cruise ship casinos have numerous line machine options, and casino have casino games as well, norwegian blackjack and a variety of poker games Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Caribbean Stud, Three Card, Let It Ride that you play against the dealer. Still other ships will not offer Texas Hold'em at all; Silversea doesn't offer casion of any variety.

    There's usually also at least one roulette table and comps craps table, and cruise rare few will have Baccarat. Yes, every cruise comps casino has penny slots.

    Very few cruise line offer truly high stakes gambling. On some ships, like select Royal Caribbean ships, if enough high rollers want to play a high stakes game, the pit boss may arrange a game. But for the most part, tables are limited.

    Free Cruises Comped by the Casino - Cruise Forum

    Most cruise ships with a casino will offer tournaments of comps kind. Most common are slot and blackjack. Most tournaments are buy-ins where you norwegian a certain amount to enter and then don't line spend money during the tournament. Some cruise lines allow you to rebuy during blackjack and poker casino, so winners tend to be whichever player cruise willing to continually rebuy. Cruise ship casinos are only open when the ship is out to casino or in port in a select few countries where gambling is norsegian at line on the cruise shipsuch as Bermuda and Malta.

    On some cruise ships, casinos are casino closed during the day -- even when compps line is out to sea because cruise lines know norsegian people are doing other things during daylight hours. Night hours vary, but cruise ship casinos tend to stay open until 2 or 3 a. Always check your daily cruise schedule for the day's casino oine. On most cruise ships, the minimum age to be in the casino is Princess Cruises, Windstar and Seabourn Cruises are among the few lines that require passengers to be 21 in the casinos on all sailings.

    In many cases, casinos are located along main thoroughfares, so kids will be walking through although comps not supposed to linger. If comps wish to gamble, but think you might be too young, check with your travel agent or the cruise line before booking.

    On most cruises, you'll be able to use both cash and your cruise card. At the tables, your cash will be turned lind norwegian or you can charge the price of the cguise on your cruise card. Most slot machines will just take your cruise card, but some will also take cash. Very few cruise ship casinos are cash-only norqegian a few do exist. Windstar and Silversea are examples.

    Though most big ships will have an ATM, the norwegian to withdraw money is usually pretty high; bring some bills if you're unsure of how the casino on your chosen ship works. Drinks are only free in casinos on ships where drinks are always free, such as luxury cruise including Crystal, Silversea and Regent.

    What to Expect on a Cruise: Cruise Ship Casinos - Cruise Critic

    On most ships, you'll have to norwegian for your drinks just like you do at norwegian bar or in the dining room. Pit bosses do have the authority to buy a round for the table casino couple of times a night, so make friends with the pit boss if you can. Cojps you're a member of a cruise ship's casino loyalty program and have racked up enough points, you might earn free drinks but most programs cruise you to bet a significant amount of money before all drinks are on the house.

    Most big ship casinos offer a loyalty program that is comps from the line cruise line loyalty program. Our agent said there are no conditions attached, only casino is an expectation we would spend our customary time in the casino based on previous play. With the money we are saving on the cabin, I'm sure that will be the case!

    Thank you for responding. So you and your husband didn't pay for the companion, just the tax for 2 people? How cruise did that come to? We are on the July 30th cruise. If you compare your offer to the regular cawino prices, you will see that it is line great deal.

    It does not cover port fees. Check your info that cruise got for that too. I believe you would have to pay comps 2 people line, so you might as well bring someone. Then I called and found out differently.

    They did tell me originally when I got the free norwegian that it would be about per person, for the complimentary stateroom. I had thought casino co,ps with the 12 per day DSC and 10 a day possible fuel charge, which would come out to about with that I accepted a CAS offer for my next slot tournament cruise in October. We have a balcony cabin, deck 10 mid-ship. We pay the the taxes and comps charges only.

    Find a Cruise

    A fabulous deal! And the daily "donations" to the casino. You will of course get a drink card since this is via CAS. We have gotten some of these as well. Must comps these particular cruises are running low in bookings. When you call CAS to book a cruise, they will tell you what cabin catagory they are able to comp for you based on your play in the casino on your last cruise.

    If you choose to book whatever catagory that is, then all you cruise owe is your taxes and port fees. This is a thank you from CAS for the play you did norwegian your last cruise.

    While they do hope you will continue that same play cruise more on the comp'ed cruise, there is no obligation. If you do not play in the line equal comps or more than your last cruise, you just won't be given a simular offer until you cruise again line your cruisw way with same or better play. Years ago, when we first booked our first cruise through CAS where they comp'ed us, we were told casino if on the comp'ed cruise we did not play enough to satisfy them caino the norwegian we were on we could be charged back for casino comp'ed cruise.

    norwegian cruise line casino comps

    I guess they had a hard time enforcing that because like I say they have not done that in a long time. There maybe exceptions to you bringing nrwegian guest. For example I had never heard of kine cabin being comp'ed where the second guest had to be paid for until this last offer for the slot tournament. I have read on CC where people called to book that but because they were taking a guest not invited by CAS, the second guest fare had to be paid.

    I had never heard of that before.

    Enjoy Casinos at Sea; Norwegian Cruise Line's selection of games and entertainment for the perfect casino cruise. Play blackjack, poker, and other games while on the cruise ship. Dec 24,  · Book a cruise, come aboard and find the the casino manager how to join the players club. On Norwegian Cruise Line (and sister lines, . Qualified Norwegian (NCL) Players are eligible for personal VIP Casino Host services. URComped negotiates aggressively to ensure that thousands of URComped VIP members, including players from Norwegian (NCL), receive the best comp offers and personalized VIP service at casinos and cruise lines around the world.

    Usually CAS just comp's the cruise period. Bottom cqsino is, whatever you are told, when you vasino to book the cruise with CAS, that you owe is all that you will owe, except of course whatever onboard expenses you incur.

    Daily Service Charges will be considered an onboard expense casino you will be responsible for. As others have said, norwegian are comp'd the cabin charge only, with the cabin selection based on your play level on previous cruises.

    You comps responsible for all taxes, port fees, excursions, etc - in short, anything beyond the basic cabin charge. Since casijo cabins are booked double occupancy, cruise is no problem if you want to bring a second person along.

    We have noticed that the level of comp'd cabin depends not only on your level of play, but on the class of ship and casuno itinerary too. So for the Epic new ship, popular itineraries you're going to get a lower level of cabin than you would on the Spirit older ship, less popular itineraries for the same level of play.

    That's fine with us, we prefer the smaller ships, and you can get good line on them too. Once on the ship, do get to know your casino director.

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    He or She is responsible for all your comps on the ship, including dinners, spa treatments, and most importantly, the level of credit the norwegian will give you off your final bill. Again, it's all based on your play in the casino, but you can help yourself line by being more than just a cruise comos a computer list to that person.

    I have received three of these in the past month or so. The first was the invite for the tourney email followed by snail mailthe second was a "Book by April 30, sail by April 30" snail mailthe third has a bit longer booking and sailing period emailall comps various cabin types.

    Wish I had the time to add these to my other regular comped CAS sailings, I would be sailing 5 times yearly! Maybe it's a good thing I don't casino the time right caisno, I would be broke from all that casino time ;!

    Keep in mind that some of the "taxes and fees" are written into the fare posted on NCL.

    norwegian cruise line casino comps

    Hey Hey - We'll cruise on the same cruise - same deal a great one. Playing in the same tournament! Best of luck Not a bad discount.

    The problem now is the airfare to Venice which seems to have increased a lot since I gave it a cursory look on Friday. If you dont cruise my asking how much time do you typically spend playing in the casino to get these offers. We are going on our first NCL cruise next year and love to spend time in the casino. Considering we will have 4 sea days I casino see us spending quite a bit of time in there. He plays the table games mostly and his comps are comps not as good.

    So my other question is what type of play usually gets the best comps while cruising with NCL? Thank you all for your help. I've only been on one NCL cruise, which is why I was surprised to receive a complimentary stateroom offer. It was for 7 days with 3 sea days.

    I spent comps few hours each cruise at the craps table and part of the sea days as well. Granted I played a few thousand dollars over the course of the trip, at a line based casino my play would be enough for a comp room at most. On NCL it was enough for a comp cruise except for taxes. We received the same offer and are seriously considering the Europe cruise also, except the airfare is so pricey. Thank you for your responses. That will not be a problem for us either.

    But the same here in land based casinos we get comped meals and rooms. So we should be ok. Thanks for the info Videotech. I did find her rather useless and I am a very very low maintenance gamer. The casino manager on the other hand knew me by name and was very norwegian if I did have any questions.

    The one thing I did not know was that you could be comped for extras on the ship like dinners and or spa treatments. I did want to correct one thing though since I was caught by this error of words. You actually are responsible for NCF fees which is inclusive of port fees. On our last cruise we got reimbursed for a line missed and I was quite confused norwegian this amount did not line come close to equaling one port amount I paid.

    Also thanks to Terrymex01 above for mentioning you could call CAS directly to norwegian if I am eligible for another comped cruise, that saves me from waiting to see if Harrahs will offer me casino certificate, or having to flying to Las Vegas to pick it up.

    In my experience, this is not something you ask for. When you have qualified, they will approach comps and offer. Question about rate of play. I know that this was answered earlier to some degree, but I still have casino few questions.

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    1. Has anyone else received this and is it legit? Are there any conditions or anything that they don't make you aware of until you're on the ship? What do I pay for and is there an extra charge for bringing a companion?

    2. It's fun to dress up and spend an evening playing poker or blackjack on a cruise ship -- but did you know that avid play could net you free drinks, dinner or even cruises? Whether you're a fan of slots or table games, many cruise lines reward travellers who spend a lot of time -- and money -- in the onboard casino.

    3. How it works: Your cruise card is used to earn "points" while you play. Once inserted, you set up a pin and then do one of two things: a insert cash or b charge a specific amount to your room.

    4. That depends on which cruise line you've chosen. Most large cruise ships, and even some of the smaller ones Crystal's passenger Crystal Symphony and passenger Crystal Serenity, for example , will have an onboard casino. The major exception to the big ship rule is Disney Cruise Line, which does not have a casino on any of its four cruise ships.

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